How Media Personalities Become Celebrities?

Celebrities earn a fame and the fame earns money. People usually link the term “celebrity” with the glamorous world and view leading actors, singer and musicians as celebrities, but they’re wrong. Think of top professional athletes, players, journalists, media anchors, and other prominent personalities. They all are celebrities. What does it mean? Being a celebrity has no association with just a glamour world or huge worth. True to say, all billionaires are not celebrities and all celebrities are not billionaires. You might have read stories of superrich anchors who read big news and even make the news. The fact is that they not only make the big news, they make the big money. Journalists in every big country are paid that’s enough to make their life smooth. But there are media personalities such as ABC’s Diane Sawyer who are superrich with net worth of $60 million. He’s not the one but many other media personalities have millions’ worth. It’s shocking, but true.

Money making game of media celebrities Media was not a money-making business a few decades ago, but the profile of media industry took a sudden jump when private channels made their entry in this industry. Media anchoring of today is a murky business and a game of tactics and big anchors are players in this game. They never present unequivocally the real picture of a hot news. They get hefty bucks to reshape the picture to reach the mass population. And what you see is not what it should be. It’s a big brain game which is beyond your imagination and obviously you won’t be keen to grasp everything and media celebrities are creating a massive worth from this game.
The Exceptions It would be wrong to ignore the example of real dedicated journalism. Mary Mapes is an American journalist, whose talent was unchallenged in cracking big scandals. Her talent could be a money-making machine, but she made enough money to live. mary mapes net worth never attained a height despite all opportunities. And she is the celebrity without a net worth