How Philadelphia seo is different from SEM

philadelphia seo involves changing elements in the website to make it easily accessible for users, and to increase traffic on the website. It means using techniques by means of which it would rank well in search engine results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on the other hand involves employing different methods to promote the website to make it more visible on search engine results. Search Engine Marketing involves many techniques, of which one is SEO. Philadelphia seo strives to list the website on organic search results whereas SEM strives to take advantage of the search results to market the website, by way of pay per click listings or paid inclusions. Paid inclusions refer to paying the search engine company to get the website listed, also known as sponsored listings. SEM is a broader term and involves various techniques, including Philadelphia seo. These are:

• Paid inclusions – as described above, it refers to the practice of paying to get listed. Some companies deem this easier than going through the traditional method of SEO, where the site is custom altered to show up on organic search engines. • Traditional Ads – this is a traditional marketing technique where the company will pay to place ads on search engines, normally based on the keywords entered. Employing this method would mean paying search engines anyway, whether customers are directed to the website or not, like traditional advertising. • Pay-per-click advertising – is a method of advertising where the company pays the website owner where their ad is displayed, only if the ad is clicked. Mostly, companies will keep the keyword phrases, which are significant to their target market. In short, Philadelphia seo is different from SEM, mostly due to the fact that SEO is all about undertaking efforts to generate the website listing on organic search results, whereas SEM includes a lot of paid efforts to list the website and to increase traffic.