Life of Rick Petko from American Chopper

Rick Petko is known as a motorcycle mechanic, he is best known for his appearances in reality TV Serial “American Chopper” in the year 2006 and 2012. He was born in the year 11 September in the year 1968. He spends his childhood in front of the TV, watching films that mainly include chopper bikes and thus this is how rick was not able to resist his raw power and beauty. He got older and the love for motorbikes increases and this was the only reason what he is now.

He went to Northampton area senior high school, after schooling his built a passion for building bikes and enrolled at NCACC to study welding. His career began when he was very young, working at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania in racing school. He improved his skills and then got a job in orange county chopper the paying was very high. In the year 2003, he started appearing for the reality TV series “American chopper the series” and he remained in the show till 2012. During this time the net worth increases and the popularity also increased to a large degree. No one would have heard about rick if he wasn’t going for the reality show in the TV series. After leaving for the OCC rick tool a little time and then opened a shop in Poconos.
Rick was a racer in his early years Once rick started watching movies and serials with a motorcycle in them, he always wanted to ride mini bikes, his parents also helped him is getting all his desires fulfilled. He started with go-karts but at this time his vehicles grew with him. He tans started racing with three wheelers, four wheelers and finally, they reached on dirt bikes. After some years his love for restoring and building prevailed and he started racing. So this is all about Rick Petko From American Chopper.