List of richest politicians in the world

Every fan is very inquisitive to know about the net worth of their favorite celebrities, be it a rapper, actor, actress, politician, musician, models, directors, etc. There are many websites where you can find the net value of the stars shining in their respective profession. If you want to know the richest politicians across the globe including the politicians turned businessmen netvalue, and then read on.

Vladimir Putin: This person is the richest politician across the globe. The net worth of Putin is USD 5 billion. He has worn the hat of President and Prime Minister in his political career. He is applauded to be the best politician in the Russian history and in fact the economy of Russia has increased to 2.9 folds when he was the Prime Minister of the country Michael Bloomberg: He is the second richest politician on the earth and the net worth of this person is USD 31 Billion. He was the mayor of NYC for over 12 years and old holding different positions as a politician. In fact, his political career is still active. In fact, he spent a fortune to become the mayor of the state and to remain in the position for a long time. Hassanal Bolkiah: This person is the Sultan and the Prime Minister of Brunei and the net value of this richest person is USD 20 billion. He has earned a whopping amount after he came into power in the year 1967.
Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz: This person is the sixth King of Saudi Arabia and the net value of this person is USD 18 billion. The one fifth part of the oil supply is in the hands of this king. He is 89 years old and has started his political career as a Mayor and has successfully ruling the country even during the recession. In fact, the country economy has grown over 4% in this regime.