Minimum Requirements in Online Casinos

Online Casinos that accept PayPal have become a major hit these days as they have made online gambling quite easy and also a lot safer in today’s time. Though, not all online casinos are essentially PayPal casinos. Depending on the casino’s policy, you can go for the option of funding your account with the help of PayPal. PayPal has obtained a respectable reputation and is known for its strict requirements from various companies using it. PayPal supervises all the accounts very careful, so you have to pay attention to the minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements- • Generally, most of the casinos ask you to deposit at least $10 to $25 in your account. There may be other exception too. • PayPal will not allow you to make online transactions to a country other than your home country. • Not all countries allow the feature of deposits and withdrawals. Some of the countries that are authorized to use both the features are Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Sweden etc. • Gambling operators can use the PayPal feature only if their country or location has been licensed to do so. • Some casinos will give you a deposit bonus based on the way you make the deposits. • Some casinos are known to charge a certain amount of fee when you are depositing your money via PayPal. If you ever face an issue in deposits or withdrawal of funds at a particular PayPal casino, you can lodge a complaint with PayPal. Do ask other users of the same casino to lodge a complaint too. This is to make sure PayPal takes heed of these complaints. PayPal is known to ban such accounts when a big number of legitimate users complain about a particular business. PayPal also stops cooperating with that particular casino. click here to get more information poker agent agen poker.