Sash Window: Welcome a healthy Environment to Your Place

sash window are also known as hung windows. It consists more than one panel which is movable. These panels make a frame to hold glasses.Now, these glasses remain separated by glazing bars. These bars are also called muntins. You can slide these panels both vertically and horizontally. This is a classic type of window.

Facts behind Sash Window Some people say that this type of window was invented by Robert Hook. He was an architect as well as philosopher too. He was born in the year of 1635. This kind of windows was seen in Ham Houses. They were told the oldest one. It was in the year of 1970. During the 19thcenturies, it had become more popular due to its design. Not only this, the adjustable windows were given great ventilation support. The size as well as the pattern of the sash windowsLondon was so flexible. Some basic features of this window In below you will find some core features of this type of windows. They are as follows: • The windows normally appear in white colours with standard shade.

 These paints are generally water resistant and last for so long. Therefore you do not need to paint it once again. • If you want to preserve this periodic equipment for your home decor, you can easily do that. It is because the woods are used to make the window frame are nontoxic which give protection from any king of fungus attack. • The timber that is used to make the window is so much durable. • It has an authentic design. • In the top sash, you will find the horns that are decorated. The design of sash window is so stable that you will find still their existence in some of the old constructions.