STD Testing Goes Mainstream and Modern

There appears to be a program for everything today. And if you're not a part of the social networking world that encompasses Facebook Twitter and the like, only face it. You have lost complete touch with all the times. Relationship, running business, hanging out with friends- today, it takes place through social networking. But this fashionable affray: STD has been joined by a somewhat improbable action.

That is right. A person may now get testing and after that declare to her or his social network circle that she or he is free of such disorders. The Foursquare std testing merit badge that is newest is making this scenario potential.

The It Is Your Life effort, cosponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation as well as music television MTV, now enables social networking-informed people to pick up a Foursquare badge while getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. By means of this effort, "MTV is expecting to make use of the growing popularity of the social networking 'checkin' site to support youth to take responsibility for his or her sexual health."

Obviously, not everybody is likely to need to air their STD status to the world, but the effort sheds light how significant it's to seize control of one's sexual health, particularly for the numerous young people that tune in to MTV religiously to keep a beat on which is hip and happening in the world these days. Whether they do it for the interest of the Get Yourself Examined (GYT) effort ("Anyone who unlocks the badge is automatically entered to the GYT Foursquare sweepstakes where they are able to win a roundtrip trip for just two to Nyc with airfare, [whole with] lodgings and backstage passes to MTV's '10 on Top,' a weekly countdown of the greatest pop culture electricity players," according to a press release.) Or for their particular peace of mind, std testing is vogue than ever before.