The affordable rending rate for the Boulevard 88

Even with serene and soothing indulgence available for all occupants in the Boulevard 88 condo, the price is still affordable. Therefore, you still stand better opportunity to benefit hugely when you make this condo your choice. You can enjoy good family entertainment right at the center of Orchard through this condo. Some of the mighty and classic innovative features here include Sun deck, Children’s playground, BBQ pit, 50 Meters of swimming pool, indoor gym, function room, guard house, tennis court, clubhouse and many more. With these facilities being mentioned you can now believe for sure that this development has more to offer than you can imagine possible.

Check around for the Boulevard 88 Condo Your family is going to enjoy convenience, comfort and tranquil indulgence while you go for the Boulevard 88 Condo residential units. No more driving long distance just to get Shopping Malls, as there are many popular Malls within the nearness of this condo. To understand more about the things right on this amazing place, you should take your time to check through the official site of this developers. They have described everything you supposed to know about this condo on their official site. This is a condo like no other in the entire Singapore located at the center of Orchard. How to contact the agent for Boulevard 88 CDL It is possible for this freehold development when you search for Boulevard 88 Cuscaden Road CDL on the internet. The condo facilities are enough to make you enjoy unique serene lifestyle at your given time. Take a walk down to the street to visit Tanglin cluster Shopping Mall where you can do all your shopping without restriction. Utilize the indoor gym made available in this property to keep fit and life healthier. Make use of this condo to get upscale as well as exclusive residential address for your family.