The types of web design and its importance

A website is a medium through which a viewer or a visitor can gather information or make purchases. Website enables the business to access clients far and wide. It helps business reach a wider market radius, which is important for making its presence felt in the global market. A website in many ways is the face of the company. It is like a business card in the virtual world, which is presented to the world.  Therefore a web design of a website holds high value.

There are various tasks and tools used to create a web design. A good web design requires a professional and designed who is qualified, trained, and skilled with an artistic sense as well. Basically there are two types of web page design, namely static web design and dynamic web design. Static web design is basic designing style which is based on HTML code, while dynamic web design is controlled by an application server and includes "static" content, besides live, responsive, and dynamic interactions with user. The web page can change in its content and fields depending on the context demanded or the conditions. Static web design is easy to develop and cheap to host though the content can seem limited and stagnant to the user or visitor. Dynamic is more expensive but has more advantages than the static variant. The website owner can update the information provided time to time and add new contents as when needed. New events and updates regarding your business or offers can be posted.


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