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About tampons Tampons are one of the most effective items with which the females clean the menstrual blood or the feminine hygiene product and fluid commonly excreted during the time of periods. Periods are very common for females and they should have an effective cleaner and the items available will prove to be the best items for cleaning the hygiene products from vagina. It is mainly made up of organic absorbent substances and is very soft with cotton stuffed and the length varies and is mainly very slender and elongated like a shape of a banana. Here you will get different types of items based on their type of absorbent quality or feature which are like junior or light absorbency item with absorbent unit 6g and under, regular absorbency with absorbency unit range 6 to 9g, super absorbency with unit 9 to 12g, super plus absorbency with 12 to 15g absorbency unit and the last one is the ultra-absorbency with 15 to 18g absorbency unit. Based on these units the prices will vary and on the basis of the type of the pack and item quantity the rates will vary but if you compare the items with the serviceably and quality of it then you will find the rates are very reasonable. Advantages • The main advantage of these items over pads is that you can put these items inside your vagina and the whole inside part of the vagina will be cleaned easily. • It is made up of totally organic absorbent like cotton stuffs an all which reduces the chances of having any infection. • At a faster rate the blood and other fluids will be soaked and it will be cleaned. So stop wasting your money in some cheap vagina cleaning items of the outer market since here you will get the best quality organic tampons and that too at low costs under discount offers and on membership discounts also. Just order it online and wait for the delivery. Click here to Get More Information Lubricant.