What to consider before buying a headphone

These days headphones have become quite a common gadget and everyone seems to own one. So if you want to join this community and are planning on buying a pair for yourself, you should first consider the following points –

When will you be using them – Your usage should be the main factor in deciding the kind of headphones that you buy. For example, do you use them only while working out or will they go with you while traveling or do you need them for a hi-fi stereo or for intense listening? Once you decide the purpose of the headphones, it will make your decision a whole lot easier. You can easily get a very decent pair and maybe the Best Headphones Under $200 in 2017. Budget – This point probably applies to any purchase. You always need to set a budget and stick to it else a headphone can put a major dent in your purse if you go overboard. Please do keep in mind that even the best headphones under $200 in 2017 can be easily bought. All you need to do is some research and find out the prices ranges on different models that interest you.
Over-ear, In-ear and On- ear – This is mainly a point of personal comfort. Some do not like the ear bud models while there are those who do not like the over ear one’s and feel they are heavy. If you look at it from a technical side, sound quality differs among these types. Some in-ear models might be a good fit and have good audio experience but they may not match up to the sound quality of the bigger ones. The on-ear models are more portable and lighter but the over-ear ones are definitely better at blocking out exterior noises and have better sound quality. Ask around, do your homework and get the best headphones under $200 in 2017.