Why training and coaching are success factors of quality assurance programs

Training and coaching are two important factors that determine how good a Call Quality Assurance program is. Training is important because it helps in establishing a closed-loop preparing process, which addresses among others, agent performance, new content, updates and system issues. The trainers and quality assurance staffs must be able to work closely together because this ensures that the staffs are fully trained. It is possible that in a small or mid-sized call center, the same people can do both the training and quality assurance. Before starting a quality assurance program, all call center staffs, including supervisors, agents, managers, trainers and quality assurance specialists, must fully be trained to ascertain that they know the different ways of handling all types of interactions with customers.

In some cases, enhanced or new policies and procedures are sometimes drafted in order to support Call Center QA programs. If this is the case, it is advisable that all staffs should review these policies and procedures before beginning the quality assurance program. And in addition to procedural training of call center agents, it is also advisable to create a training program that will introduce the enhanced or new quality assurance programs to all staffs. The staffs should generally be informed because the more they are informed about the Quality Assurance program, the more effectual the QA initiative will be. Apart from training, coaching is also an important factor of quality assurance program because it provides constant feedback to call center agents about their general performance. The importance of feedback is that it addresses where call agents are underperforming and where they are performing well. It also addresses the different areas where agents have more opportunities to improve on. Coaching is generally one critical factor inthe success of Call QA programs and plays a huge role in ensuring retention and satisfaction of call center agents. click here for more information about Call Center QA